Run 2

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The first official sequel – Run 2 is right here, though don’t get too excited because of menu in different colors, Run 2 isn’t that different from the original Run 1. And it is not as good as Run 3. But it’s still a sequel and we’re happy to have it here.

Go ahead and select between a Runner and a Skater (new feature which is rather strange for a game called “Run”). Still, this sequel is not just a copy/paste, developer (Player03) has made few changes into gameplay and all the tracks look: 1. Better than in previous game, 2. Different in structural point of view. But that’s not something worth discussing, the only thing that matters here is whether or not the GAMEPLAY process has been improved. Afraid not… Personal opinion – Run 1 and Run 3 both better than Run 2. But You may not see it that way so give it a try, and don’t forget to let us know your impressions down in the comment section.   Play run 2 game on Run3Game.Co