Run 1

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Plenty of reasons why you should just skip Run 1 and Run 2 and jump straight to Run 3: and the main reason is Run 3 is a lot more dynamic than previous 2, game does not pause when rotating walls, which is rather annoying. Another reason being even more obvious that third game looks a lot better than previous ones. Still, though, all three games are fun to play, especially if you are new at Run. There’s plenty of levels in Run 1, plenty of achievements to unlock, and several game modes just like in other Run games:

  • Adventure Mode – Number of preset levels you need to beat to win the game.
  • Infinite Mode – As in game goes on forever, you’ll never reach the finish line.
  • Edit Mode – Not what you’d expect as in not 3D at all… 2D level editor that may confuse the %@&# out of you, but still operational

You know what’s the best part of the game? respawn times when you die, really convenient. Also you don’t waste time in menu and no loading screens when going to next level. No spectacular graphics or sophisticated game engines and cool game-world design and character designs – Run 1 is a minimalistic  flash skill game, good for brain training and reflex training. And more importantly, it is really fun to play, which is what the games supposed to be about.

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