Run 3

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Controls: Arrows Keyes to Move; Space to Jump / WASD to Move and W to Jump

Run 3 is finally here! Award winning, one of the most played flash games of 2016-2017, a browser skill game in which all you do is RUN. And this time “Player03” has done a really good job on improving the actual gameplay process rather than painting menu into fancy colors like in last sequel Run 2.

Speaking of gameplay… it is very smooth and the major thing that used to annoy us in Run 1 and 2 has been fixed: “game pause thingie when rotating walls”. Now everything is smooth and the game is more enjoyable.

New features have been added too, one of which was a really great idea: falling plates – you can recognize these plates by the unique color (marble white). Need to be careful when running over these guys, and soon enough, you’re going to find out why. Basically everything is really great in Run 3, except for 1 thing, thing that developer definitely needs to address in next update or next sequel: When playing infinite mode, we’d much rather prefer not having “continues”, in other words, making infinite mode actually infinite.

New feature “Galaxy Map” shows something rather confusing. A current location and bunch of dots, dots probably mean levels, but more importantly it shows your overall progress in adventure mode. Speaking of which, we kind of feel sorry for this guy… he’s been running somewhere for years and kept failing, for years… Would appreciate a word from developer where this poor thing is going and will he ever reach the destination point.

More than just a mere flash game guys!. Can play Run 3 all day long and not get tired, that speaks for itself. Also, look at the amount of “Plays” on Kong and other gaming websites, tens of millions. Absolutely recommended for everyone, including little ones. And if you’re looking for extra motivation, you should know, this game is really good for training reflexes and response times.

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